International Conference on Learning and Teaching Chinese Language and Culture in a Multicultural En


The New England Chinese Language Teachers' Association (NECLTA) is planning its first conference to celebrate its establishment and is inviting paper presentations. The conference is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012, on the campus of UMass Boston, Massachusetts. The morning session will include the inauguration ceremony, congratulatory remarks, and key note speeches. The afternoon session will feature panel presentations.

The paper presentations can address any aspect of issues in teaching and learning Chinese language and culture at various levels in different settings, including:

(1) Language teaching pedagogy: various approaches to teaching Chinese language and cultures

(2) Technology application in classroom teaching as well as online learning and teaching.

(3) Language acquisition of Chinese: investigation of Chinese language learning process from different perspectives.

(4) Chinese linguistics: new theoretical and applied approaches to Chinese linguistics and their implications in Chinese language teaching and learning.

(5) Culture: approaches of integrating culture into Chinese language classes

(6) Study abroad: problems and challenges in study abroad programs

(7) Others: administration, teacher training, immersion programs, etc.

The languages of the presentation and papers are English and Chinese.

Proposals should be submitted to “[email protected]” by July 1, 2012. All proposals will be subject to double-blind peer review by the Conference Paper Review Committee. Notification of acceptance decisions will be sent out via email by August 1, 2012. All presenters should be registered members of NECLTA. Anyone who needs a hard copy of the acceptance notice should include a special request in the proposal.

All attendees shall be registered for the conference. The conference registration fee is $20, which includes lunch. The registration will come soon. On-site registration at the conference is also available. No refund will be issued for canceled registrations.


Conference and event committee, NECLTA

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