The Asian Learner Language website is open for public use


CARLA staff has developed a website on four languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Persian) to help language teachers explore learner language.


This website showcases video recordings of learners using Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Persian in unrehearsed interaction, and multimedia activities that guide language teachers to study and reflect on learner language from five perspectives: individual difference, error analysis, interlanguage, learning in interaction, reference and complexity.


It would be helpful resources for those who are interested in:

- knowing more about learner language

- learning how to analyze students' language use

- improving accuracy, fluency and complexity of students' language

- doing action research on learner language


Link to the Asian Learner Language website:


The Chinese part


And the website is for free use!


You're also welcome to provide feedback. How? Just click the button "Please give feedback on these activities!" at the bottom of the page. Your feedback will be sent to us right away. If you have any questions or wish to communicate with us, just click the button!

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