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Title in Chinese: 我自己會讀-level2
Title in English: I Can Read-level 2
Publisher’s name in Chinese:
Publisher’s name in English: The Greenfield Educational Centre
Publication Year: 2001  
Resource type: book
Content category: language
Educational level: General
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Description: The series emphasizes character recognition through visual and sound repetition, and builds vocabulary through short, colorful stories. Classes in Hong Kong using the series have had outstanding results. The series has also been adopted by foreign language schools in Singapore and San Francisco. Stories are available individually or in a set the stories gently progress in complexity within the levels and from one level to the next. Sets include audio CDs with Mandarin and Cantonese pronunciation. The large versions offered for some books (available where indicated) are useful as visual aids in a classroom setting, allowing teachers to read the texts aloud while presenting them to students. These books teach a total of 661 words in the 48-volume set. Designed for use by children ages three to seven in a Chinese-speaking environment, the books are also appropriate for older children in a non-Chinese environment that does not offer daily reinforcement of language skills. Simplified editions include pinyin.