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Title in Chinese: 走向未來: 新中文教程-语法教程
Title in English: Chinese for Tomorrow, Volume 1 Grammar Book (Simplified & Traditional)
Publisher’s name in Chinese:
Publisher’s name in English:
Publication Year: 2011  
Author(s): Wayne He, Dela Jiao, Qiuxia Shao, Christopher M. Livaccari
Resource type: book
Content category: Chinese for special purpose
Educational level:
Proficiency level: Advance
Learner language background: non-Chinese speakers
Language type: simplified/traditional characters co-presented
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Description: Grammar Book Features: A general overview of Chinese grammar, followed by ten lessons that comprise the main text. Presents new grammar structures in the form of sentence patterns, which makes learning Chinese grammar easy and practical. Examples are given for affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences. Includes ed sample sentences from the textbook, with cross-references to where the structure is covered in the textbook. Exercises at the end of each grammar book lesson present conversational situations similar to those in the textbook, but allow students to practice new grammar structures with familiar vocabulary. Includes answer keys. Each lesson explains the most basic grammar items ed from the Level A Grammar Program of the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Chinese Proficiency Test Program. Can be used by students of other textbooks since the grammar points discussed in the book are fundamental grammar points all learners are expected to know.