Material Information
Title in Chinese: 美洲华语第一册
Title in English: Meizhou Chinese 1
Publisher’s name in Chinese: 北京大学出版社
Publisher’s name in English: Beijing University Press
Publication Year: 2000  
Author(s): Meizhou Chinese editors group
ISBN(13): 9787301178461
Resource type: book
Content category: language
Educational level: K4
Proficiency level: Novice
Learner language background: Chinese heritage speakers
Language type: Chinese/English bilingual
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Description: Designed as reading meterails to the 12-volumed Mei Zhou Chinese textbook volume 1 and volume 2, this series is suitable for students of Grades 1-12 learning Chinese for 2-4 hours a week. The focuses of the textbooks include phonetics, vocabulary, situation-oriented communications and human sciences. The applicable standards adopted for compilation include US national standards on teaching foreign languages (5C) and US standards on foreign language assessment. And the textbooks are connected with both US Chinese Advance Placement Program (AP) at senior high school and US college Chinese program.Teaching resources: lesson plans, sample test, activities, PPT, and games